About Us

We are located in PR3-E highway in the Alturas de Rio Grande Shopping Mall , attached our map in GoogleMaps:  

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The Electronic Stop = TES has extensive experience in the mobile phone and smartphone market. We have professionals in different fields who work to provide the best customer care and guidance regarding our products and services. In our facilities in Rio Grande, Puerto Rico we have specialized personnel in the areas of customer service, sales, promotion, technical repair service in order to provide excellent costumer service.
We also have international staff and production lines in China. Which are managed by our manager located in that country, for that reason is that we are directly connected to the factory. And so we can modify products, to create our own specifications or to be requested to endorse the distribution agreement and incorporating its own brand name or "trademark" for us. For this reason we can quote wholesale products to different companies that are interested in electronic products.

So it does not matter if its big or small your needs in The Electronic Stop they always will be fulfilled, So visit us today.