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Terms and Conditions;

ElectronicosPR Warranty, Returns & Refund Terms:

All of our products are of the highest Quality and rigorously inspected by our QC Departments but you can also go the extra mile in protecting your purchase as we offer additional 2 or 3 Year's Square Trade Extended Warranty Services Protection https://admin.freewebstore.org/EditPage.aspx?pageid=207381in all of our Electronic Items so you can feel confident in your purchase.

There's no refund on perfectly working Items. All of our products are covered under a DOA=Dead on Arrival Policy where we will replace the Item for a brand new one, at no extra cost.  DOA Items must be reported within 3 days of receiving the item and sent back within 7 days of received. The sooner you report it and send it back, the sooner you will receive your new phone. After the period of time given for DOA item Warranty Claims,  the item will Not apply for DOA Warranty.

We will replace or repair items that are malfunctioning in a period of 30 days from the your received date. This does not include Items that show physical abuse and are not in *Like NEW* condition with cosmetic or physical damage. Warranty does not include touch Screens.   If they present any of these signs of wear & tear or misuse it will not be covered by our 30 day malfunctioning warranty and the normal repair fee will be charged.

There will be a 30% restocking fee on perfectly operating products that are returned on our physical stores, 20% on our Online Marketplace Platforms Such as Amazon,    eBay,ClasificadosOnline and ect. There is a 20% Restocking fee on our eCommerce websites as the products will change from Brand New Status to a Pre Owned designation and will loose anywhere from 30 to 50%+ of their value just for this change of product condition.

For all the mentioned above be sure to read and research the product you're purchasing as its the customers due diligence to read our product descriptions and see our product review videos before completing an order.

Buyers are responsible for shipping freight back to us or the manufacturer for any repair or exchange, as we are responsible for the shipping freight back to the costumer from us or the manufacturer ;-)

Once you claim your Warranty and send back the Item, this will be inspected by our technicians for the completion of your Warranty Process.

NOTE: Please be advised of our full warranty. If the Item presents the physical appearances of Wear & Tear of misuse or of any other negligent use,  The Warranty Will be VOID and Not Apply.
*If the Operating System of your Item is damaged by Negligence & Misuse,  The Warranty will be VOID and Will Not Apply.

By Completing an Order and Purchasing any of our Products you abide on our terms and conditions.

Trademarks and Copyright infringement Policies:

All Registered Brands ® are Trademarks ™ of their respective houses and any pictures or mentions of them are for reference only.

With all that you have seen and read in our description you know and rest assured that your placing your purchase with the right company, ElectronicosPR the products you want at the prices you seek, so what are you waiting for? Buy it Now!

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