SquareTrade Services Agreement Summary

    * If your equipment is new and has a manufacturer's warranty U.S. of at least 90 days (MSP) this Agreement begins on the date you purchased the item and is extended by the number of years of coverage you specify at the time of purchase.

    * If your equipment is refurbished and has a U.S. manufacturer's warranty of at least 90 days (MSP) this Agreement begins upon expiration of the manufacturer's warranty and lasts for the number of years of coverage is specified at the time of purchase.

    * If your equipment is used, or no guarantee of a U.S. manufacturer of at least 90 days ("Other") then the Service Agreement begins on the 61st day after item purchase and lasts for the number of years of coverage you specify at the time of purchase.

What is covered?

* Mechanical and electrical failures that occur during normal use of the article. Your item is covered until the total purchase price of your item (tax and shipping excluded).

* Examples of equipment failures covered include computer hard drive, iPod batteries stop charging, cell phone keypads get stuck and failures of digital camera sensor.

* Accidental damage from improper handling (ADH in English acronym) protection was purchased, the service agreement expands to include damage caused by spills, leakage of the object, or any accidental damage. ADH coverage begins 30 days after purchase and does not cover intentional damage, negligence, theft or loss. A $ 50 deductible applies to claims related to ADH. ADH is not offered on all items.

What does the coverage?

    * Refunds: Many times, repaying the full cost of the items is faster and more profitably. If your item qualifies to be shipped, will provide you with a prepaid label for shipping. Generally pay claims (minus the minimum fee for shipping and handling) in 3-5 working days from the arrival of the item.

    * For items still covered by a manufacturer's warranty at the time of the complaint: First, we will help you file a complaint with the manufacturer.

If the manufacturer will replace or repair your computer, your SquareTrade Care Plan will cover the item repaired or replaced.

If the manufacturer refuses to honor your warranty because they believe that their team is gray market or not purchased from an authorized dealer, our warranty still cover you.

    * If we decide to repair, here is how the coverage:

For items that qualify to be sent: We will give you a prepaid label for shipping (for laptops and TVs, we will mail you a shipping kit to ensure the safety of the article). Once you have sent your item to our warehouse of services, will be repaired within 3-5 days and then send it back to you without cost to you. Laptops get express shipping to and from our warehouse.

For desktop computers, televisions over 37 inches and Large Equipment: We will help you schedule an appointment with a local repair service home repair and will pay compensation directly to the facilitator of the service.

What is not covered?

Please refer to contract for the complete list, but there are 5 notable exceptions to coverage.

    Product failures

* Within the first 60 days: We do not cover computers that are dead on arrival or fail within the first 60 days.

* Accidental damage: Unless you buy protection from accidental damage due to mishandling (DHT), the elements do not cover accidental damage - such as water damage, collapse of iPods, laptop screens cracked.

* Replaceable Parts, Accessories and Consumption: Do not cover accessories and parts that are meant to be replaced by the consumer, such as batteries and ink cartridges.

* Software: We do not cover software issues, including computer software, cell phones and PDAs.
* Certain types of items: Items used in a commercial environment (eg, an office printer) or fraudulently misrepresented, are not covered.

How to obtain service: Simply enter SquareTrade.com, go to My Guarantees and select the Claims tab. Select the computer, the reason for the claim, and the specific topic of the menus. Also briefly describe the problem in the field below. Also make you some questions that help us to isolate potential problems. You will be contacted shortly after filing his complaint with instructions on how to proceed further.

Or call us at 1-877-900-7283, Monday through Friday from 6am-5pm PST. Normally, we process your claim on the same day and the repair or refund within 3-5 days borables the arrival of your computer.
* For items purchased outside eBay: you need a copy of the receipt of the item (with the purchase date and price) SquareTrade file before a claim can be processed. You can send an email or fax a copy of your receipt at any time.

* For items purchased on eBay: SquareTrade save a copy of the eBay auction information in our records, so you do not need a receipt at any time.

* Deductible: No deductible for contract issues. Claims made under cover accidental damage due to mishandling will have a deductible of $ 50.

Refund Policy: You are given a full refund if you cancel your service agreement 60 days after purchase of the care plan. If you decide to cancel your service agreement after this period, we will prorate the reimbursement rate based on how much time has passed. You can also transfer your Service Agreement at any time without any cost.

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