We keep all of our wholesale & reseller price listings updated via our Drop Box shared folder. DropBox conveniently allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically or share files or folders with several people to collaborate on the same files.

Drop Box will give you 2GB of online storage for free so you can Sync files of any size or type so it you will like to keep updated on our latest products and price lists you can open a Drop Box account here http://lnk.co/DropBox1


  • Unlocked Worldwide GSM Sim Card Low End Cellphones, Mid Range Mobile Phones & Smartphones:
  • Cellphone Unlocking Machines
  • iPhones, iPads & Phone Cases Accessory List:
  • Phone Chargers, Solar Devices, Car Chargers, USB Cables, Bladeless Fan's MP3's & Other Accessory's: 
  • Bluetooth Wireless Headsets Starting at $6:
  • Laptops & Computers starting from $95 for Drop shippers :
  • Google Android Tablet PC's from $75 for Retail Sellers: 
  • Car DVD Players & DVD Headrest Monitors: 
  • DVR's CCTV, IP & PTZ Security Camera
  • PSP Style Gamers 
  • Digital Camera and DV
  • USB Flash Drives, Pen Drives, USB Memory

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We hope to win your business and wish you the best of success in your ventures.

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TES Production Line and Factory Direct Team
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