Frequently Asked Questions

Do you speak Spanish?
To view the web page in Spanish, go to the Google Translate button, and select Spanish. The button is in the top right of the home page. We also have a selection of different languages for you to choose from.

ElectronicosPR Products:

The phones are originals?

Like said before “The mayority of our products do not posses Known Trade Mark names such as Motorola Apple, Blackberry, LG, Nokia, Sony etc… Because of this same reason they do not posses any logos indicating property of any known Trade Mark Company. Our products are 100% Puertorrican Trade Mark Name DLC. Our Products come from our production line in Shenzhen, China.

Are your cell phones unlocked?

All of our products in ElectronicosPR are Brand New and have manufactures warranty unless stated otherwise.

All phones are Quadband and are unlocked for any GSM company worldwide. In Puerto Rico the GSM companies are: AT &T, Claro, T-Mobile and Simple Mobile.

The merchandise sold in ElectronicosPR is used?

The DLC equipments are brand new. Our products are not used or refurbished. All DLC equipment are guaranteed and delivered to your address from our DLC production line Shenzhen, China.

Website Prices are the same as those of the store?

The physical store and website prices are different. Products in our website end to be between $25/$100 cheaper. This happens because through our website we save money on operational costs and those savings are then passed on to you. This way you save on purchases made through our website.

Can I see the phones in the store and buy them from your website?

Yes, you can visit and make any order on-line. But not all phones are available at the store to show or sell. Please check with customer service, to verify if the model you want to see is available for you to see at the store.

HTC Mobile Phone

All of our HTC Mobile Phones are OEM = Original Equipment Manufactured this is a product that has no affiliations to any wireless carrier there 100% unlocked to work with any wireless carrier using the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Bands with GSM SIM Cards.

This here it's a clear example:

HTC Magic that is known by the Wireless Carrier T-Mobile as the My Touch or G2 and has their T-Mobile emblem on the unit, but the real model name of this phone it's the HTC Magic Model A6161.

The phone names people usually have come to known by their wireless carriers it's just one created for promotions of the respective carriers versions.

What is the Operating System is used by these phones?

That depends on the model; most have JAVA, Windows Mobile or Google Android. To find the operating system, look at the specifications of the model.

Can I change the OS system of my equipment?

Not, unless you are a qualified electronics technician and know what to do. We are not responsible for changes in both OS programming or physical change made by you.

ElectronicosPR Mobile Phones Network & Carrier Coverage:

All of our GSM Cell Phones in ElectronicosPR are unlocked Quadband or 4 Bands that will work with most GSM Carriers in the World using the 850/900/1800/1900 MHz Bands with GSM SIM Cards including but not limited to:

In North America: Simple Mobile, WoW Mobile PR, AT&T, T-Mobile, Claro, BELL, Rogers Wireless, Fido, Shaw, Solo Mobile, Cincinnati Bell, Videotron Cellulaire.

Central America, South America & The Caribbean: Vivo, OI, Bmobile, Orange, Personal Telecom, America Movil, Sercometel, Tim, Antel, Ancel, aeiou, CanTV, CCT, Comcel, Entel, ETECSA, ice, LIME, Telcel, CHIPPIE, BTC, PCS, Nuevatel, KDDI, Porta, Setar, Tigo, Digicel, Viva, UNIOA, Voila, Weblinks Mobile.

In Europe: Vodaphone, Telsra, Optus, Virgin, Eleven, O2


ElectronicosPR Mobile Phone Network & Carrier WAP, GPRS & MMS Configuration Terms:

As all of our mobile phones in ElectronicosPR are unlocked because they come directly from the manufactures they will not be affiliated to any carrier. Because of this, they will work right out the box, just insert your GSM Sim Card or Smart Chip and your ready to talk and text. Also, for this same reason, that they are factory direct to your hands, they won't have preloaded any Carrier pre-configuration of the WAP, GPRS & MMS Settings so in order to use them to connect to the Internet and Transfer Data, please contact your service provider and ask them to give you the instructions on how to configure these settings to enable these features. You can also watch our other Auctions where we have some of these with step by step instructions available for a low cost.

Please be sure to contact your service provider and network operator to ensure compatibility as is the costumers duty to configuring this when purchasing a Unlocked GSM phone.

Are your phones able to use DATA Plans from my phone Carrier?

Yes.  The reason our Cell phones are already unlocked is to be able to put your SIM CARD, regardless of phone carrier.  Once this is done your phone will recognize it will have the ability to make/ receive calls and make/receive text immediately. However, because these phones are completely unlocked they do not have the information to access Multimedia and DATA servers of your company immediately.  In this case all they need for them to be completely functional, is a multimedia/Internet configuration on your phone. Once the configuration is complete you are going to be able to use your data and multimedia. You can ask your service provider for the settings. You can send the phone to us or visit our facility in Caguas. Here in ElectronicosPR, we will gladly set up your cell phone with your phone carrier of GSM telecommunications for and additional but reasonable cost. 

Can I hack the iPhone to install applications for free?

 The DLC iPhones are already using MTK OS or Windows Mobile OS and you can install applications without making any hacks. Some applications are free, others have a cost, it depends where you get the application. There are about 2.5 million Java applications and 55 Million for Windows Mobile.

DLC iPhones used iTunes?

No, the iPhone of DLC not use iTunes because there are no Apple OS.


Payment Terms of ElectronicosPR:

We accept credit cards, VISA and Master Card via Sage Pay. Please send payments to sales@electronicospr.com include your telephone number in the notes section to expedite your shipping.

For e Checks there will be a 3 to 7 waiting period until the check clears in the bank. All Sales are Final.

Can I purchase different equipments and have the wholesale price?
For wholesales orders involving different models, please contact ElectrónicosPR by calling (787) 653-9686 or by email at sales@electronicospr.com

Does ElectronicosPR have an affiliate program?
We have no affiliate program at the time, we expect to have one soon.


Taxes Terms of ElectronicosPR:

Purchases in ElectronicosPR charge taxes (IVU)?

For purchases made in Puerto Rico and sent to Puerto Rico via our website ElectronicosPR and/or Store, we do charged Tax (IVU). We are required by state law to collect a 7% Sales Tax for shipments' to Puerto Rico Addresses.  If the purchase is made by and for other countries through our website, taxes don’t apply. This SUT (Sales/Use Tax) is just applied to PR.


Shipping Terms of ElectronicosPR: 

For your convenience, we ship Worldwide so we will need your Telephone # to ship as fast as we do usually in the next 24 to 48 hours from the confirmation of your payment to your confirmed eMail address. Once is shipped it should arrive between 7/10 business days. All of our products are shipped from our Offices in Caguas Puerto Rico USA Zip Code 00725 or our production line office in Shenzhen China Zip Code 518129, Via USPS Priority Mail or EMS. The Average Delivery Time its around 7 to 10 Business Days. USA Domestic Expedited Shipping Rates for mobile phones are $15.97 and International Expedited Shipping Rate is $34.97.

 Combined shipping its provided if you pay all the items in one single combined payment.

Import duties or other country taxes are not included in the shipping and handling rates and there the buyers responsibility so please make sure you check your countries customs office to determine what additional cost you may have if any. We will ship your item as a Sample or Gift and declare low value to help you on with customs.

Recently Mailed packages' take 1 to 2 days to be reflected and update in USPS.com data base unlike UPS, DHL or Fed Ex that do it at each entry point.

So rest assured that your package it's on your way just come back in 2 to 3 days check the Tracking # once again and it should be updated and show in transit and from there on you should be able to follow its position.

Can I get the equipment at the store if I ordered online?

No, the equipment will be delivered to the address you specify, which cannot be the physical store ElectrónicosPR.  If it does arrive to the store you will be charged the full price from the physical store.


ElectronicosPR Warranty and Returns Terms:

Here in EelctronicosPR we pride ourselves in service and we also pride ourselves in the quality of our products. The majority of our products do not posses known Trade Mark Names such as Motorola Apple, Blackberry, LG, Nokia, Sony etc… Because of this same reason, they do not posses any logos indicating property of any known Trade Mark Company. Our products are 100% Puertorrican Trade Mark name DLC.  Knowing this, products that have been dispatched correctly by the manufacturer, will not be entitled to a refund if the customer wants to return the product. We do not issue refunds, credits on purchases made. The customer will not be entitled to a refund or change of merchandise, because of a sudden change of heart, because they don’t like the product.

All of our products are of the highest quality and rigorously inspected by our QC Departments but you can also go the extra mile in protecting your purchase as we offer additional 2 or 3 year's Square Trade Extended Warranty Services Protection in all of our electronic Items so you can feel confident in your purchase.

There's no return on perfectly working Items, all of our products are covered under a DOA=Dead on Arrival Policy where we will replace the item for a Brand New one, at no extra cost.  :-) DOA Items must be reported before 7 days of receiving the item and sent back within 14 days of received.

The general guarantee of all our products is 30 days with the manufacturer. This guarantee applies to manufacturer technical malfunction in its OS (Operating System) and functionality of your merchandise and/DOA. Our guarantee does not apply to damages made by the customer’s misuse of the product. Misuse includes, Broken Screen, water etc… The guarantee is also lost if the customer decides to open the phone and to fix it him/herself. Our guarantee does not include accessories. If you wish to have an extended guarantee please visit www.squaretrade.com . All changes and/or claims have to be made before your guarantee expires with the proper evidence of purchase. If a change is authorized to be made and this device is n perfect condition and there is no logical reason for change other than the wish of the customer, this customer will be entitled to pay a 30% restocking fee.  This is done because once the device exist the store it loses value. And we will not be able to sell it as new.  Customers cover any shipping charges to Manufacturing. And we the shipping charges back to you from the factory.

We will replace items that are malfunctioning in a period of 30 days from the received date. This does not include items that show physical abuse and are not in *Like NEW* condition with cosmetic or physical damage. If they present any of these signs of wear & tear or misuse it will not be covered by our 30 day malfunctioning warranty and the normal repair fee will be charged.

If I do not like the product can I return it?

No returns are allowed if the equipment is in good working condition, if it was dispatched correctly and if it does not have any physical deformations in its appearance. Because of this we encourage our customers to go see all of our products and be sure to pick the best one for you. What you are buying is what you want before finalizing the purchase.

If the phone is damaged and I have no guarantee, what are my options?

You can order the Repair Service of ElectronicosPR.

Can I send the equipment for repair or mail configuration?

Yes, if you can are going to send it. Please notify by email and send it to our shop, with detailed instructions clearly what you want to be done and contact information. You will be notified the cost of repair or configuration before starting.


ElectronicosPR Feedback Terms:

Positive Feedback will be left for all Smooth Transactions as we in ElectronicosPR strive for a 5 Star Rating costumer experience in all of our transactions and our system is set to automatically give positive feedback upon receiving your 5 star positive feedback.

No negative or 0 Feedback Bidders are not allowed to bid on our auctions, contact us before you do if this is your case.

All of our products are of the highest Quality and have been passed inspection by our QC Staff but if you fell that you received a faulty item please contact us ASAP Neutral or Negative feedback won't solve your situation please contact us as all of our items have a 7 days DOA=Dead on Arrival Policy and we can resolve any issues Smoothly & Quickly.

Our contact information is sales@electronicospr.com or via Phone 1-787-653-9686.

For view the Testimonials of our customers visit the next link.

Trademarks and Copyright infringement Policies:

All Registered Brands ® are Trademarks of their respective houses and any pictures or mentions of them are for reference only.

With all that you have seen and read in our description you know and rest assured that your placing your purchase with the right company, ElectronicosPR the products you want at the prices you seek, so what are you waiting for? Bid Now!

Do you have questions we did not answer in our description? Contact US:

Phone 1-787-653-9686

eMail: sales@electronicospr.com 

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